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Mobile Compressed Air Station

An exterior air compressor unit that is completely moveable and customizable!  The AWA electric package operates with an energy cost that is 8 times lower than the regular diesel compressor.

Air Station

An air compressor unit that is completely moveable and customizable

station mobile - stations mobiles - entreposage extérieur compresseur - entreposage extérieur compresseurs - cabinet extérieur compresseur - cabinets extérieurs compresseurs


  • Tested in environments of -40°F to +120°F
  • Easier startup
  • Quick and convenient access for maintenance
  • Portable package designed for remote areas (temporary or permanent installation)
  • Maximizes the efficiency of your electric air compressor outside
  • Protects against extreme weather conditions
  • Noise reduction
  • Automated temperature control

An air compressor unit that is completely moveable and customizable

For over 40 years, Comairco has been a leader in the compressed air industry. In our effort to provide quality equipment and meet current requirements, we developed a portable outdoor mobile cabinet that allows you to run compressed-air equipment year-round, regardless of the weather conditions.


Many elements make our AWA the most reliable and cost-efficient solution: it’s suitable for both short-term and permanent installation, or when there is a lack of available indoor space, or simply when there is the need to reduce sound pressure (dBA) and thus improve the quality of working conditions.

The AWA electric package operates with an energy cost that is eight times lower than the regular diesel compressor. Knowing that each project is unique, we are able to design and manufacture custom mobile cabinets to meet your specific needs. *Available for sale or rental.

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Technical specifications


  • Industrial-type thermal insulation, with 1-inch (foam) soundproofing
  • Neon lighting with shock protection
  • NEMA 4   CSA/UL-certified electrical panel with integrated circuit breakers
  • Arched roof to prevent water accumulation
  • Aluminum plumbing
  • Forced air heater
  • Lockable service doors
  • Steel gutters
  • Lifting lugs (optional) for transportation and manipulation
  • Suitable for handling with forklift
  • Self-contained fluid protection
  • CSA / CSA-US approved
Mobile cabinets



  • Possibility of exemption from municipal taxes for mobile installations
  • Technical support 24/7
  • No concrete slab or additional site modifications required
  • Single-point electrical and pneumatic connections
  • Replaces a diesel compressor at a lower cost
  • Available for existing exterior air compressors

AWA Sizes Available

AWA VS Container

6 (2)
9 (2)
AWA 400 with N2 3
AWA mine
awa-train canada
Comairco - 0060
IMG_0755-1 generic AWA
IMG_7703-1 awa
IMG_7240 (2)
Photo AWA2
1 (4)
SD Picture EN

AWA Standard Design

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AWA Custom Design

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