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Piston Compressors

These are popular for intermittent general-purpose “workshop air” applications where air is used for hand tools, cleaning dust, small paint jobs, etc.


These vertical compressors function according to a basic principle whereby a piston moves air inside a cylinder to compress it. Piston compressors are available lubricated and oil-free, and usually have two cylinders, in low pressure and high pressure. Very small piston compressors use only one cylinder.

The piston compressor is available in models from 1 hp to about 30 hp. They are popular for intermittent general-purpose workshop compressors where the air is used for hand tools, cleaning dust, small paint jobs, etc.

Compresseur à piston - Compresseurs à pistons

DV Systems

The air-cooled, pressure-lubricated, reciprocating heavy-duty industrial series is engineered to provide a robust, durable and dependable workshop compressor built to withstand the most demanding industrial environments.

Available in both simplex and duplex configurations, the HDI series 5 hp to 30 hp is equipped with two-stage, two-cylinder (247) or four-cylinder (447) cast-iron garage compressor pumps powered by high-efficiency North American-made open drip-proof (ODP) motors, providing reliable, high duty-cycle operation.

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Compresseur atelier - Compresseurs atelier


Our reciprocating heavy-duty air-cooled air compressors from Omega Compressors are available in models from 5 hp to 30 hp in simplex, duplex and base mount configurations.

All Omega reciprocating heavy-duty industrial units feature:
Quiet operation
Heavy-duty two-stage cast iron pumps
Stainless steel valves
Splash type lubrication
Factory set at 120 – 150 psi
Magnetic starter (optional)
Variety of voltages
Two-year limited manufacturer warranty
Factory tested before shipment


Compresseur de garage - Compresseurs de garage


The Sauer 3-stage vertical compressor demonstrates exceptional endurance even under the most difficult operating conditions. The three-stage design lowers cylinder compression temperatures and reduces the pressure ratio per cylinder. This feature promotes lower maintenance costs and improves unit longevity and reliability.

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Sauer Web Site Canada

Compresseur vertical - Compresseurs verticaux


Our conventional vertical reciprocating compressor model is a single packed compressor. This packing configuration is typically used in non-corrosive, non-toxic applications where oil-free service is not required and leakage containment is not critical. Conventional garage compressors are commonly used in propane, butane, agricultural ammonia and natural gas applications.

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DV front EN

DV System

Piston Flyer 5-30 HP

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Omega front

Omega Heavy Duty Line

Piston Flyer 5-30 HP

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Omega Contractor and Professional

Piston Flyer 0.5-3 HP

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Used equipment

We have a wide range of air compressors, air dryers, tanks and outdoor mobile stations designed for your air compressors, as well as other used products to help you out in emergency situations.

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Rental Service

Portable compressors ranging from 60 CFM to 1600 CFM and electric compressors ranging from 5 hp to 350 hp are available at any time, whether for permanent lease, short-term rental or simply to respond to an emergency.

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Technical service

COMAIRCO offers an emergency compressed air maintenance and compressors maintenance service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians are available around the clock to perform compressed air installation and compressors installation or repairs.

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