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Jun 2022

A major project for a client in the municipal sector.


All municipalities must manage wastewater in their region. These operations include environmental components that require compliance with strict management protocols.  The current client supports a city with a population of 500,000 citizens. They are supporting various major infrastructure departments and adherence to the many standards each require for their systems.

The organic recovery center and the city’s incinerator installed competitive brand compressors in 2010.  At the end of their warranty (3 years only), Comairco took charge of the maintenance for this equipment.  The compressors worked relatively well, despite occasional shutdowns.  At that time, the customer felt that was normal and that these compressors were durable.


Over the years, people in the organization who had worked with Sullair compressors at other sites (e.g. aluminum smelters), communicated to management all the sustainability benefits of the Sullair brand.  Around 2014-2016, some compressors had already reached the end of their useful life and needed to be replaced (failures were frequent).  As the buyer, the municipality must proceed with the replacement according to the principle of a public call for tenders; the contract is awarded to the lowest bidder.  Unfortunately, the tender was won by a company competing with Comairco and compressors of a different brand were installed.  Reliability problems with this new equipment began a few months after commissioning.  Dissatisfaction was growing among operators who had expressed their preference for the Sullair brand.

Faced with the risk of production interruption due to the unreliability of new equipment, used Sullair compressors were added to the compressed air network.  The purchase of used compressors was possible without going through the bidding process.  The performance of used Sullair compressors despite accumulated hours was quickly noticed.  The Sullair warranty on used compressors even surpassed that offered on new competitive compressors!


The Comairco team of technicians also was greatly appreciated by the customer.  Their availability and qualifications surpassed those of competing companies.

When the need for a 150 hp compressor replacement arose, the consensus was clearly for the Sullair brand.  Among the many advantages, the excellent warranty of Sullair compressors, their reliability and durability and the good relationship between the Comairco service team and the customer tipped the balance towards Comairco and Sullair.

More recently, environmental impact reduction targets have forced municipalities to follow new ways of managing their waste.  The incineration technique to eliminate the residues present in the wastewater had to be updated to be less polluting.  The municipality therefore built an innovative solid waste biomethanization plant.  The innovative concept consists of heating the waste to a very high temperature to recover the biogas, then to separate the liquid and solid parts of the residues.  The solid part is then transformed into fertilizer and the liquid part is processed at the water treatment plant.  This method of waste treatment is much more environmentally friendly.

biomethanisation plant

The biogas plant required new compressors.  With the performance of used Sullair compressors installed at the organic matter recovery plant, it was natural to turn to Comairco and Sullair.  Thanks to the contractor who understood the customer’s needs, the choice of compressors was naturally directed towards the reliability of Sullair products.  Two Sullair variable-speed drive compressors and a water cooling system were installed here.

In 2018-2019, the Wastewater Treatment Plant needed to replace additional compressors.  Two brands were selected; Sullair and a competing brand.  A competitive price fight took place and Comairco, with its excellent relationship with Sullair, could position itself well in terms of price and win the tender by being the more competitive overall between the two brands.  A third brand of compressor (originally present at the Organics Recovery Center and the incinerator) was actually excluded due to their unreliability in the past.  So, it was with great pleasure that the customer ordered a compressor identical to those present at the biogas plant.  A new Sullair variable speed drive compressor is now operational at this location!

It was important to provide reliable energy efficient air systems to the team in place at these different water treatment hotspots.  The Sullair compressors were recommended and requested by all the teams present in these installations.  Positive employee feedback on Sullair and Comairco worked in our favor when selecting equipment and service provider.  There is less expensive equipment on the market but when reliability is in doubt, the team on site must dedicate additional time for ongoing repairs. This doesn’t account for the unplanned down time and what issues this creates for the production line.  These situations increase the clients Total Cost of Ownership over the life of the equipment.  This municipal customer quickly realized that Sullair compressors was the only viable choice to support their processes!  Today, we are proud to say that most of the compressors at this major municipal customer are of the Sullair brand supported by Comairco!

Technical service

COMAIRCO offers an emergency compressed air maintenance and compressors maintenance service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians are available around the clock to perform compressed air installation and compressors installation or repairs.

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