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Jul 2022

Innovative solutions that combine energy and cost savings

AWA and crane for installation

The following article illustrates how Comairco manages to offer innovative solutions that combine energy and cost savings.

The client, a manufacturer based in a large factory, had always entrusted the maintenance of its compressors to an independent contractor. Their work appeared to be satisfactory, but the plant had often experienced pressure problems.  New compressors were already purchased to expand their system however the installation had been delayed. The final location was extremely far from the main power supply and the cost of the upgraded electrical wire represented an extraordinary expense.  The customer would have preferred to install the new compressors closer to the point of use, but he did not have the space required in that area.


The Comairco team was contacted for the purchase of a compressed air dryer.  Following this request, the team wanted to see the proposed site location and compressors involved to be sure to sell the right model to the customer.  During the on-site visit, the customer explained his problem related to the cost of electrical wiring causing the delay in adding new compressors to his compressed air system.

Comairco offered to install the new compressors in outdoor cabinets that the customer could locate directly near the point of use.  One might think that purchasing outdoor mobile units (All Weather Air Container) would provide an expensive solution. Comairco provided a Return on Investment document showing this solution was more economical than the cost of the upgraded electrical wiring required for the installation.  The other benefit for the customer was that his pressure drop problems were eliminated due to the close proximity of the AWA plug & play packages to his heaviest demand work stations.


The Comairco team therefore sold two outdoor cabinets (AWA: All Weather Air) a new dryer and a new compressor.

These AWA packages enabled the customer to install the two compressors that he had acquired previously, but never commissioned.  Their warranty had even expired!  (These were not compressors sold by Comairco.)  Since he had no redundancy in his compressed air system, the Comairco team explained to him the importance of having an additional compressor to ensure redundancy in the event of failure, breakage or to carry out maintenance on the compressors.  He therefore purchased a variable-speed compressor, which was also installed in the second outdoor cabinet.  The acquisition of a new variable-speed compressor gave the customer access to very attractive subsidies.  The impact on the total cost of the project was significant, besides providing energy savings for years to come.


The new compressor that Comairco offered to the customer is a variable speed drive compressor from Sullair.  Unlike previously acquired compressors, covered by a 2-year warranty, the Sullair compressor is covered by a 10-year air end warranty.  Sullair compressors are also equipped with the Air Links system, this allows for remote communication via a cellular signal.  The compressor can send alerts, provide performance reports, notify when maintenance is required and certain troubleshooting functions can be performed remotely.  The compressors also allow communication between them, which offers the possibility of operation in sequence and to balance their uses.  This feature is included in all Sullair compressors of this size, while in competitive products, a similar module to Air Link is an option offered that cost around $15,000 / $20,000.  Machine connectivity enables data analysis to optimize production processes, a must for the new industry 4.0 standard.

Throughout the execution of the project, Comairco coordinated the installation of the AWA cabinets, helped with the plumbing portion and took care of the transport.

Since the commissioning of the compressors, the customer has been very satisfied with the solutions offered by Comairco and now benefits from a compressed-air network that meets their expectations.  Comairco could help the customer in the management of his compressed air besides offering him solutions that went well beyond simple maintenance and allowed him to access subsidies to reduce his energy costs.

Technical service

COMAIRCO offers an emergency compressed air maintenance and compressors maintenance service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians are available around the clock to perform compressed air installation and compressors installation or repairs.

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