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May 2022

Air booster rebuilds, new life for your booster on today’s tight budgets

Air Booster

If the air stops, the mine stops. So as an air compressor ages, the risks of extended outages and lost production increase dramatically. Even still, with budgets tightening across the mining industry, it can be difficult to find the capital for a new compressor. Comairco’s new booster refurbishment service may be the most economical way to breathe new life into your old air booster packages.

Electric-driven compressed air booster packages can be found next to any air-powered drill requiring an elevated compressed air pressure (typically 250-350 psig). The booster takes compressed air from the mine’s standard supply and boosts the pressure as high as 400 psig. These compressors are typically mounted on a towable wheelbase with all the accessories, controls, and fire suppression, so it can be easily moved around with the drills as required.

The harsh conditions of a mine can wear on even the most rugged equipment, and these air booster packages are no exception. Coolers can become caked with oil and dust, elevated operating temperatures can lead to varnish formation in the air end, and harsh atmospheres can cause internal corrosion. Over time these conditions will hamper the performance of the compressor, and eventually lead to a risk of catastrophic failure.

Comairco has been a critical supplier to the North American mining industry since 1972, and offers a wide variety of products and services related to air compressors, blowers, and vacuums. Compressor rebuilds have been an important part of Comairco’s business since day 1, and they now offer a refurbishment service for your entire air booster package.

The air end is the heart of the air booster package, and the unique high-pressure rotary screw design (often by Sullair) demands special expertise for a rebuild or major repair. Comairco only allows their most experienced and well-trained technicians to rebuild these air ends, and only uses high quality OEM parts. This ensures “like new” performance and durability for every air end and allows Comairco to stand behind their work with a 2-year warranty.

The air end rebuild by Comairco includes replacement of all bearings, seals, gaskets and o-rings with new OEM parts. This complete rebuild service also includes sealing strip repairs, remanufacturing of bearing bores and air gaps, precision grinding of rotor faces and air gap collars, machining of housings, gear fit repairs, repair of broken or cracked shafts, repair of broken housings, and dynamic balancing of all rotating parts.

Going beyond the air end, Comairco inspects every component in the booster package for repair or replacement. The motor and electrical panels are refurbished; gauges, hoses, and valves are repaired or replaced. To protect your investment the entire frame and sump tank are sandblasted and repainted, and new reflective safety decals are added. Before leaving the shop, Comairco tests the package for leak tightness and performance, and performs a full visual inspection.

This is also a great opportunity to add customizations or upgrades to meet your changing needs. Comairco can add stainless steel control panels, new air or electrical connections, instrumentation, safety devices, and much more.

Comairco’s refurbishment service can bring new life to your aging air booster packages for much less than the cost of a new booster.  Their investment in personnel and facilities ensure prompt repair time at competitive pricing. Visit to contact one of their 23 North American locations.

Technical service

COMAIRCO offers an emergency compressed air maintenance and compressors maintenance service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians are available around the clock to perform compressed air installation and compressors installation or repairs.

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