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Jul 2023

A Successful Partnership for a Chemical Company Thanks to Comairco


In the realm of chemical products, competitiveness is crucial for success. That’s why a well-known company in this sector recently made a strategic decision to transform their operations in New York. Seeking to reduce their overall operating costs, they chose to relocate to the western New York, into more cost-effective facilities.

Faced with this challenge, the company turned to Comairco, a distributor of industrial compressed air systems. Comairco has an established reputation for helping businesses achieve significant savings while enhancing their return on investment. Leveraging their expertise, they proposed an innovative solution to increase their competitiveness: consider producing their own nitrogen on-site instead of bearing the high costs associated with gas rental contracts.


At the core of the system, the company installed a nitrogen generator, that is fed by the reliable and energy-efficient Sullair model 3009 S-Energy compressor (40hp).  This decision to produce their own nitrogen proved to be highly beneficial, resulting in significant cost savings during production, while meeting the required purity of 99.999% for their specific application.

The chemical blanking process, heavily reliant on the produced nitrogen, demanded exceptional purity—a challenge effortlessly met by the nitrogen generator supplied by Comairco. Consequently, the company experienced significant operational improvements thanks to this customized solution.

The return on investment from Comairco’s nitrogen generators was indeed a remarkable success for the chemical company. Opting for internal nitrogen production led to substantial reductions in long-term operating costs by eliminating recurring expenses related to gas rental, such as transportation, handling, and cylinder storage costs.

Thanks to these considerable savings, the company quickly recouped its initial investment in the nitrogen generators, reinforcing its financial position. This swift return on investment further facilitated investments in other strategic development areas, solidifying the company’s competitiveness in the market.


Furthermore, one of the key advantages of partnering with Comairco is their comprehensive service offering. Comairco has a team of skilled technicians who are proficient in servicing and maintaining nitrogen generators. Their proactive maintenance approach ensures that the nitrogen production system remains in optimal condition, maximizing efficiency and reliability throughout its operational life. This dedication to providing ongoing support and service sets Comairco apart as a trusted partner, enabling companies to focus on its core operations with the peace of mind that their critical nitrogen production process is in capable hands.

In conclusion, the decision to partner with Comairco for the supply of customized nitrogen generators proved to be a prudent choice for the chemical company. Not only did they succeed in saving money and energy, but they also achieved a rapid return on investment, reinforcing their competitiveness and market position. This effective collaboration between the chemical company and Comairco once again demonstrates the latter’s ability to offer tailor-made solutions that bring real added value to businesses across various industrial sectors.

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