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Sep 2023

Outdoor AWA Enclosures: The Game-Changing Option for Air Compressors!

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We’d like to share a story that illustrates how the outdoor AWA enclosures are specifically designed for air compressors, making them far superior to temporary buildings that some companies attempt to construct for housing their compressors.

A few years ago, a leading retail packaging company based in Western New York was experiencing tremendous growth.  To accommodate their expanding operations, they decided to relocate their air compressors outside of their facility.  At the time, our Comairco representative introduced them to AWA outdoor enclosures, but they hesitated due to the cost, opting to build a small DIY building for their compressors instead.

The Challenges of DIY:

Their honeymoon with the DIY building was short-lived.  The small metal structure wasn’t designed for the make up air and ventilation requirements of the compressors, leading to overheating during summers and intense cold in winters.  Moreover, the limited space made maintenance and servicing of the compressors a cumbersome task.  Confronted with persistent problems, they ultimately realized that the temporary solution they had chosen wasn’t sustainable in the long run.

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The Discovery of AWA Outdoor Enclosures:

Aware of the challenges they were facing, the manufacturing client reached out to our sales team again to learn more about our AWA enclosures.  Our team took the time to explain in detail the sophisticated ventilation system and temperature control specifically designed to adapt to compressors.  They understood that investing in AWA outdoor enclosures was crucial to ensure optimal compressor performance, regardless of outdoor conditions.

Installation of the AWA Enclosure:

Finally, convinced of the superiority of AWA outdoor enclosures, the client selected an 18-foot model.  The unit was successfully delivered and installed alongside their main building.  By freeing up interior space, they could now dedicate it entirely to their production.  Moreover, the client was able to include a redundant compressed air system inside the AWA unit by integrating their existing 100hp Sullair compressor with a new Sullair 150hp compressor.  AWA enclosures indeed offer the flexibility to accommodate existing compressors, providing an optimal solution tailored to each client’s production needs.

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Concrete Benefits:

Today, the client readily admits with complete satisfaction that their decision to invest in AWA outdoor enclosures has paid off.  Despite their initial reluctance due to the cost, they have realized that the improved performance, increased efficiency, and peace of mind are more than worth the investment.  Compressed air is at the heart of their production and it’s a vital element that runs many machines, it’s a real relief to know that the outside temperature no longer affects the operation of the compressors.  They even regret not choosing this solution from the beginning, instead of opting for the DIY route.


The story of this retail packaging company aptly highlights the relevance of AWA outdoor enclosures for air compressors.  Don’t leave your compressors to the uncertainties of DIY solutions; trust experts to advise you on the best solution.  Comairco, your distributor of AWA enclosures, is here to assist you in selecting custom outdoor enclosures, optimizing your compressor performance, and freeing up valuable production space.  Our team works diligently to provide you with the best system for your compressors, ensuring maximum efficiency.

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