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Jun 2022

Do you have a new business in need of compressed air?

s Energy 3700

This customer recently started a business in southern Ontario.  His enterprise specializes in undercoating for automobiles, mainly high-end cars, and electric vehicles.  Launching his brand-new corporation was overwhelming and there were many details to address as he began envisioning what his space would look like.  Finding the right compressed air partner was one of these critical details that directly affect the success of his new business.

For this new auto body shop, Comairco has been asked to quote on the compressed air project against four other suppliers.  The Comairco team was appointed to select and install the compressed air system.  Of the 5 potential suppliers Comairco was chosen for this challenging project for two main reasons, first our level of expertise and second due to the incredible reputation of Sullair.

Our staff has demonstrated that we have the proper expertise to help a customer build a new air network from the ground up for his future business.

There are a lot of details to think about when you start a new production, and our team took all the time required to address important questions.  Building an air network that supplies compressed air for today isn’t enough for us, we also want to connect with the customer on their goals for the future to ultimately gain a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.  Our goal is to help them establish a network that can grow alongside their business.

Sullair’s reputation was also a determinant factor for this client as he had experience with the reliability of Sullair compressors having worked in mining sector many years before striking out his own new auto body shop business.  For this reason, when he found Sullair was ranked second place in the five cost comparisons, the client decided to exclude the cheapest company because of the history of reliability and quality with Sullair.

Because of our 22 locations we could offer time efficient delivery of equipment to the customer.  Having the inventory in our warehouse is a positive asset these days where the supply chain demand is so challenging.  The 50-HP compressor was in stock at one of our locations and we quickly organized the transportation.  Thanks to a local mechanical contractor, we performed the installation of the equipment one month earlier than planned!

In detail, here is what was installed at this auto body shop:

  • Sullair S-Energy 50 HP
  • Refrigerated dryer SR300
  • Pre and after filter
  • 240-gallon wet tank
  • 660-gallon dry tank
  • Oil and Water Separator


A nice feature about this air system is its ability for growth.  This auto body business will be able to easily incorporate a new 50-HP compressor to share the load generated by new employees and new working stations as the business prospers and grows.  This addition will be easily made with a slight alteration of his current network instead of doing a complete retrofit of his system.

It was important for the Comairco team to supply this business with the correct network that will grow at the same speed as the business and will ultimately provide a long-lasting customer relationship.

Technical service

COMAIRCO offers an emergency compressed air maintenance and compressors maintenance service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians are available around the clock to perform compressed air installation and compressors installation or repairs.

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