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Dec 2022

Innovative solution in the medical field


From a simple quote request to a major completed project!

A customer from Ottawa area contacted our sales department to get a quote for the replacement of the compressors.  He only wanted a price to compare it to those already obtained from competing brands.

This company, which operates a large factory specializing in the medical field, manufactures many products including vaccines and glucometers.  Their production was growing and they wanted to increase the size of their compressor.

During the discussion with the customer, he mentioned to our sales team that the space occupied by the current compressors and vacuum pumps is significant. Acquiring a compressor with more HP also meant a new compressor that will be bigger than the old one.  This was really a problem.


Our sales team presented the buyer with a unique solution, our range of mobile, outdoor units for compressors, the AWA (All Weather Air).  This outdoor compressor cabinet is insulated and soundproofed and allows customer to move these compressors outside his facilities.

The client had never heard of this solution and liked the idea.  To show him the full potential of AWAs, our sales team organized a visit to a client in the region who had owned an AWA for a few years.  It was a perfect way to see the product in use. The potential buyer could concretely see the proposed external cabinet, observed the quality and the durability of the suggested solution.  This visit convinced the client that the AWA was the perfect solution for their facilities.

Given the range of configurations that can be achieved with AWAs, the customer asked our sales team if it would be possible to move the vacuum pumps into the AWA as well.  This would free up more space inside its facilities!  Our engineering team worked on the project, and we could respond favorably to the request.


Two AWA were ordered from this factory, each containing a compressor and vacuum pumps.  AWA are famous for their easy access to equipment during maintenance, to reduce the noise of compressors in the factory and obviously for their saving in production space.

This large manufacturer in the medical field has publicized all the advantages of AWAs to its sister companies and many AWA have subsequently been implemented in other factories of the same parent company.


If you also have space problems in your facilities, have you considered moving your compressors and vacuum pumps outside?  AWA outdoor units are the solution to remember!

Contact our team to discover all the advantages of AWA, a quality product, resistant to the North American climate, manufactured by Comairco.

Technical service

COMAIRCO offers an emergency compressed air maintenance and compressors maintenance service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians are available around the clock to perform compressed air installation and compressors installation or repairs.

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