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May 2023

More Green Compressors!


Here’s a story where Sullair compressors have proven, one more time, their reliability over competitors’ models.

In 2019, a manufacturer of plastic films and cleaning products with a 128,000 square foot production facility in Ontario experienced issues with two of its compressors.  This is where the Comairco team presented the Sullair compressors to the customer and these gradually replaced, in 2021 and 2022, the “gray” compressors with “green” compressors!  The selected models are both from Sullair’s LS series.  There is a LS110S and a LS160VSD.


In this factory where the management of the risk of contamination is an essential factor, having a reliable compressed air system is fundamental.  This is why the choice of models was guided on Sullair’s reputation for reliability.  Following the many reliability problems with other compressors brand, the time had come to acquire reliable machines with flawless operation with unparalleled durability.

Another criteria that helped in the selection of devices with the engineering team was the ability to add options on the compressor.  The Sullair configuration menu allows the addition of security requirements, for example.  During the RQF (request for quote), the Sullair models already had the options with all the specifications without deviation to tender.

Finally, Sullair’s AirLinx option available on LS-Series compressors, allows remote monitoring, real-time logging of air compressor parameters and observing machine performance through a simple edge and easy to read on a mobile phone or computer.  AirLinx also alerts in the event of failures and unscheduled shutdowns.  This helps improve system reliability and protect investments.  For the engineering team of this manufacturer, the advantages of the AirLinx system were an important asset that they would be able to benefit from to ensure the reliability of the equipment.


Our sales team listened to the customer and understood that during commissioning, an interruption of compressed air would create a problem for production.  For this reason, during the commissioning of the Sullair compressors, the Comairco team supplied a portable diesel model 375 compressor with an after-cooler.  This compressor was able to supply the plant with compressed air and this way, avoid any interruption in the production of plastic film.

Since the installation of the 2 Sullair compressors, only one competitor brand compressor left at the customer and the customer is waiting for it to reach the end of its useful life to replace it with a Sullair model.  Comairco’s service team has the mandate to service all the customer’s compressors.  This manufacturing producer recognizes that our technical team, made up of more than 80 technicians on the road, always answer in timely matter to meet its compressed air needs.  We’re there for him and he perceives that at Comairco the customer is at the heart of our operations.

Technical service

COMAIRCO offers an emergency compressed air maintenance and compressors maintenance service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians are available around the clock to perform compressed air installation and compressors installation or repairs.

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