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Oct 2022

Comairco helps companies working in the food sector!


This is a project carried out over a period of two months in 2019.  That year a food producer, from northern Toronto, specializing in the manufacture of vegetable oil, established since 1899, contacted Comairco to upgrade its system of compressed air.

This system had recurring flow and pressure problems which greatly affected their production.  Their system did not have a dryer or compressed air tank; the compressors were struggling to supply the required demand adequately.  The quality of the compressed air in the company was of poor quality and considerably affected its productivity.  Before proceeding with the upgrade, Comairco commissioned and an audit to understand the compressed air demand fully required by the customer.

With the results of the audit in hand, Comairco’s engineer assessed the situation and quickly suggested a Sullair model S-Energy 3709VB variable speed compressor, along with a dryer and a 400-gallon compressed air tank.  It was also suggested that a portion of the piping needed to be revised to have a more optimal compressed air system.

The 50-HP model S-Energy compressor was selected because variable speed compressors generally provide greater savings in energy consumption.  This compressor provides maximum energy efficiency and operating precision; adjusting motor speed to match the compressed air demand needed for production.

In factory productions lines intended for the food sector, often oil-free compressors are selected, however, at this facility Comairco recommended using a Sullair Pristine brand compressor lubricant in its compressors.

Sullair Pristine FG™ Food Grade Lubricant outperforms all other food grade liquids on the market.  It’s currently certified for incidental contact requirements, NSF H1, halal, kosher, Pareve and registered in Canada.  This lubricant optimizes the life and reduces maintenance costs of the compressor, it offers superior resistance to varnishing.  It extends drain intervals and is formulated to perform up to 6,000 hours under normal conditions.  This is perfect for safety standards in the food and beverage industries.

Filters for oil and water were also installed in the compressed air system.  The air and duct ventilation network had been reviewed by our engineer and optimized with the arrival of new equipment.


Once the modifications were made, the customer immediately saw significant positive improvement to the quality of their compressed air.  The flow and pressure were now stable and constant.  The compressed air was clean and dry.  The addition of the air tank and the dryer greatly helped to correct the customer’s system issues.  At the end of the work, an audit was carried out to document the gains made with the change of compressor, dryer, 400-gallon tank and piping improvements.  The results obtained were considered excellent by the facilities manager.

If you too have any discontent with your compressed air network, don’t hesitate to contact the Comairco team so that you too can benefit from a network that perfectly meets the demand required by your production!

Technical service

COMAIRCO offers an emergency compressed air maintenance and compressors maintenance service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians are available around the clock to perform compressed air installation and compressors installation or repairs.

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