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Aug 2023

How Compressed Air Played a Crucial Role

How Compressed Air Played a Crucial Role in Revolutionizing Baby Formula Production



Compressed air often lies at the heart of manufacturing processes for products we may not suspect.  Did you know that the production of baby formulas requires compressed air?  In this inspiring story, discover how a couple from Littleton, Massachusetts, invented a revolutionary baby formula to help their child, who was born with cerebral palsy and had difficulty absorbing proteins and nutrients from available formulas on the market.  Driven by the life-threatening challenge they confronted, the husband, a chemist, and his wife, who worked in finance, embarked on a quest for a solution.  After numerous trials and errors, they created their own infant formula tailored to their child’s condition.  The success they experienced with their child led them to realize that many other children worldwide faced similar challenges, and their unique recipe could help them too.  Thus, their company was born.

The Expanding Horizons and Comairco’s Key Role:

From humble beginnings in a small local facility, the company faced rapid expansion, with crates of baby formula shipped worldwide weekly.  This escalating demand resulted in a greater need for compressed air in their production process.  Comairco, expert in the field of compressed air, was present from the beginning for the service of these compressors.  However, when production capacity was exceeded, their sales team stepped in with a comprehensive solution.


An Innovative Solution with Sullair DSP Oil-Free Compressors:

Comairco proposed two new oil-free compressors and a reservoir to meet the growing compressed air demands of the thriving company.  To maximize the space dedicated to manufacturing, the solution was implemented within an All Weather Air pre-engineered external cabinet housing the new compressed air system, offering protection against varying weather conditions.  This clever approach opened up precious indoor space for the production equipment making this revolutionary baby formula.  The compressed air equipment was shipped to the AWA production site to be piped and wired inside the cabinet.

Comairco, a Unique Partner:

Beyond supplying the oil-free compressors, Comairco played a pivotal partner role in this project.  They managed the entire process, from start to finish, providing a turn-key solution.  Comairco handled the search for a contractor responsible for the compressed air header piping and necessary ventilation for the compressors.  Additionally, they took care of the equipment logistics, including the new compressors, and the delivery of the AWA unit to the production site.  To ensure uninterrupted compressed air supply during the cabinet installation, a rental compressor was provided.

Proud Partner in Saving Lives:

Today, Comairco takes pride in playing a crucial role in the production of this life-saving baby formula, improving the health of infants worldwide.  This story exemplifies the importance of innovation, collaboration, and expertise in developing tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of rapidly growing businesses.  Comairco will continue supporting this remarkable company in its vital mission and seeking further opportunities to transform challenges into inspiring successes.


The story of this company and its revolutionary infant formula is a touching testament to how compressed air can play an unexpected role in vital industries.  Comairco provided a tailored solution to meet the compressed air needs of this growing enterprise, becoming a key partner in its life-saving mission.  Innovation and collaboration were the keys to success, and this story continues to inspire lives worldwide.

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