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Customers Testimonials

We’re delighted that clients are able to say some nice things about us and we say “Thank you” to all.

Starting a new mask production with the help of Comairco!

While we are going through these unprecedented times, some of our clients have decided to innovate.  This is the case for Plastiques GPR, an injection plastic company that decided to invent and create washable masks made of fabrics and plastic.  A great achievement which required adjustments to its compressed air production.  Comairco supported this client in the transformation of its production.  Here is a short video that explains how he started the mask production fighting Covid.

sullair 114

A well established and respected company in the lumber industry is proud to partner with Comairco and Sullair

In the fall of 2012 we reached out to COMAIRCO because we did not want to go through another winter with frozen lines and cylinders. Also we were experiencing some issue with our existing compressors. To get started Comairco sales representative recommend we data log the system to gain some prospective to our usage and demand. The results of the data log developed the direction that has led to our successes today.


Along with the data logging we decided to do some in-house training to help educate our maintenance staff on the fundamentals of a compressed air system. COMAIRCO team played a very important role in developing our staff and educating our team. We were able to identify why our system was not efficient and why our air dryer was not able to meet the demand of the system.

In the winter of 2013 we decided to partner with COMAIRCO to help service our existing compressors and air dryer. This was one of our best decisions. COMAIRCO completely rebuilt our dryer and we made it through our first winter with no issues in the plant.

After reviewing our system architecture with COMAIRCO sales representatives we recognized a need for a 500 gal vertical air receiver prior to the dryer. We installed the tank and never had an issue with the desiccant beds since.

sullair 112

During the summer of 2013 we ran into issue with the air end on our primary compressor. The cost to repair outweighed the cost to replace so we decided to have COMAIRCO quote a new SULLAIR compressor. Our COMAIRCO sales representative educated us on the benefits of a VSD compressor. We elected to go this route because of the energy savings and the compressor was 50 HP less than our existing compressor. This was another great decision. We got an opportunity to work with the Infinity Piping system and we found the new SULLAIR that was 50HP smaller than our old compressor used less energy and ran way more efficient. Finally we were on a path to a reliable and efficient compressed air system.


In the spring of 2014 we decided to investigate the benefits of a refrigerant dryer. COMARICO team were on site to review the benefits and scope of work with us. We decided the electrical cost savings alone quantified the investment over 2 years. After we installed the refrigerant dryer we were very surprised by the cost savings. So we decided to install flow meters. We did some of our own in-house data logging and found the refrigerant dryer was saving us about $2,000 a month during the warmer months of the year. We did not want to go back to the non-heated dryer in the winter but we were forced to.  This opened the discussion of a heated blower purge drying system. Again, COMAIRCO sales representatives spent the time to explain the benefits of the system, and in the fall of 2015 we replaced our antiquated desiccant dryer with a new heated blower purge drying system. The results were amazing. In the winter of 2015-2016 we ran our plant with 200 less HP. We were able to have only one 200 HP compressor online. This was the first time in the history of our system that we did not need 2-250 HP compressors running all winter.

Our partnership with COMAIRCO has been one of our most successful collaborations. Our education of compressed air systems has been elevated and we are grateful for having companies like COMAIRCO and SULLAIR in our network of friends.

Oil Free

Success Story: Hitachi Oil-Free Variable Speed Drive Compressor


Following the supply and installation of the Hitachi oil-free air compressor by Comairco last year, I want to let you know that we at our company is very satisfied not only with the performance of the air compressor itself but also in the way Comairco went about coordinating the delivery, installation and commissioning of the unit with us, and keeping us informed every step of the way.

We were also pleased with the way Comairco responded quickly, delivering an oil-free 320 HP variable speed drive water-cooled compressor on very short notice when one of our primary compressors went down. Any interaction with your service department so far has only served to reassure us that Comairco stands behind this product.

Please use this letter as a testimonial of our satisfaction in your pursuit of business with other firms and institutions, we offer it without reservation.


Success story with a portable compressor


This letter will act as a reference for those firms considering doing business with Comairco Ltd.

We took delivery a 1600 CFM portable compressor and large construction grade desiccant compressed air dryer from Comairco Ltd in the fall of 2010. This system is used in purging water from gas lines throughout the province. The equipment has performed well and reliably to date and we are very satisfied. We have also been satisfied with Comairco’s after sales support and service, not to mention the site training that was provided to our team after the equipment was delivered.

Moreover, when we first started looking at this project it was our intention to purchase an oil-free compressor with a considerably higher price tag. The Comairco salesman convinced us that this was overkill for our process and that we could accomplish our objectives perfectly with an oil-cooled screw compressor as long as there was adequate filtration. This has proven to be true. The equipment specified has proven to be more than adequate to handle the job.

So satisfied are we with the equipment and with the Comairco team that we would have no hesitation in purchasing additional equipment from them or in recommending them as a compressed air supplier to other firms.

Oil free compressor

Manufacturing medical devices, success story

We have chosen Comairco to install new compressors in our new building in 2015. They have a very broad technical knowledge about their products which helped us select the units required to support the manufacture of our medical devices.

They were able to facilitate the new building with 44 HP, 145 PSIG Hitachi Oil-free air compressors, 150 SCFM single tower desiccant dryer, 240 gallon vertical wet tank, 500 gallon vertical dry tank and the controllers. They also installed this equipment and connected to the main header.

After a year, we requested their services again to upgrade our air compressors in the existing building. They equipped us with 88 HP, 145 PSIG Hitachi Oil-free air compressors, 200 SCFM single tower desiccant dryer, two 240 gallon vertical air receivers and a controller.

The equipment arrived on time, facilitated the air quality check after installation and resolved issues promptly that arose during the set-up. We were able to switch to the new compressors expeditiously and eliminated the shortage of compressed dry air in the plant.

We are very happy with the services and positive experience working with Comairco. We would definitely recommend their service to others.

Tank Grise

We have been a customer of Comairco’s for approximately 15 years.


We recently were very pleased with the speed and efficiency that Comairco reacted with when we were in urgent need of a loaner. The procuring and installation of the rental was quick and efficient. A plant our size cannot afford downtime due to a lack of compressed air.

Comairco also recently sold us a 2000 Gallon Air Receiver with a flow controller. This equipment was specified as a result of an air audit, also conducted by Comairco. Rather than reflexively recommending yet another compressor, Comairco took a methodical approach to our compressed air requirements by adding the big receiver and flow controller, which resulted in us being able to shut down a compressor, resulting in substantial energy and dollar savings.

Comairco also services our many compressors, and I have to say we are quite satisfied.

Please treat this letter as a reference for Comairco’s products and services, and for dealing with their sales team.  I offer it without hesitation.

Sullair 400HP

Sullair 400 HP so reliable


We pleased to offer you a testimonial letter which attests to our satisfaction with Comairco, the Sullair product, as well as our dealings with you.

As you know, the stalwart of our compressed air system is the big Sullair 400 HP tandem/ twin-screw compressor. This unit was purchased and installed from Comairco 16 years ago, and we have logged over 100,000 hours on it. The compressor has proven itself over time to be extremely reliable. We believe this is a testament to both the compressor itself and to the service that Comairco has provided us with over the years.

In fact, when we recently purchased the Sullair compressed air dryer from you, our satisfaction with the compressor was a big reason why we went with the Sullair dryer, even though it was not the lowest priced dryer we were quoted.

Again, we are pleased to offer this reference, do so without hesitation, and look forward to many more years in partnership with Comairco.


Sullair perfect for us!


To whom it may concern:

I am the CEO of a large company producing meat.

We have been a customer of Comairco Ltd. for many years. We recently purchased a new Sullair compressed air system from Comairco for a new plant that we will soon be opening.

In addition to providing us with reliable equipment, Comairco also services our existing Sullair compressors into all of our facilities.

We are very satisfied with Comairco and our sales representative from both equipment and a service standpoint. Our sales representative is always prompt to return our calls and diligent in recommending the optimum equipment for our operating environment.

We are pleased with our business relationship with Comairco and have no reservations in recommending them to other potential customers.


Success Story at a ski resort


We operate a ski resort and we have been dealing with Comairco for a couple of year and I want to let you know how impressed I am with the good support that I am getting from them. So, I thought I would pass on the goods words to you.

Comairco 358-1

Testimonial from a furniture manufacturer


Our plant’s compressed air system consists of 2 X 75 HP rotary screw compressors which are set to operate in a run/back-up configuration. We first met with Comairco’s sales rep in December 2015. Our manufacturing manager had called in Comairco due to the fact that the compressors were running at night when there was no production. We also noticed that at times both compressors were running during peak demand, leaving us without a back-up. The question had come up if we needed larger horsepower compressors to keep up with demand. However, after reviewing our load profile Comairco’s representative correctly concluded that air leaks were the culprit, and that larger horsepower compressors were not required, nor would they solve the problem. Once we detected and repaired the plant air leaks, the above noted problems were resolved, and we were once again able to meet plant air demands with a single compressor.

Earlier this year we decided that one of our compressors as well as an air dryer needed to be replaced. Comairco came through with a competitive bid that took care to specify a machine able to withstand a hot and dusty ambient environment while still operating hydro efficiently. The equipment was delivered, professionally installed and commissioned when promised. There were no delays or excuses.

Sullair compressor parts

Ordering parts goes beyond expectations

Thanks again for all your support last week.  I really appreciated your professionalism throughout our stressful time.  Your service commitments to getting the parts we needed on time and keeping me updated with regular communication went above and beyond my expectations.  I look forward to dealing with you in the future.

KT300 in Furnace App

Tuthill successful story

I want to thank you so much for the outstanding job you did in organizing and meeting our requirements for our critical shipment picked up at Tuthill Vacuum and Blower Systems in March 2019.  You went above and beyond for us and we are very thankful and I look forward to future orders in which your expertise will be provided.

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With more than 40 years of experience, Comairco is a true leader in North America.

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We have a wide range of air compressors, air dryers, tanks and outdoor mobile stations designed for your air compressors, as well as other used products to help you out in emergency situations.

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COMAIRCO offers an emergency compressed air maintenance and compressors maintenance service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians are available around the clock to perform compressed air installation and compressors installation or repairs.

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