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Aug 2023

Solar-Powered Compressors Empower Automated Lettuce Production

2023-07-25 11_24_33-Little Leaf Farms (@littleleaffarms) • Photos et vidéos Instagram


Imagine a cutting-edge lettuce production company with the world’s largest and most technologically advanced greenhouse.  This remarkable company minimizes human intervention during the entire production process, from seeding to harvesting, using state-of-the-art robotics and computer systems.  With only six weeks between planting and harvest, they deliver freshly picked lettuce to local grocery stores within 18 hours, ensuring maximum freshness for consumers.  Their unique model involves building greenhouses close to points of sale to preserve lettuce freshness.  This blog narrates the story of how this forward-thinking company utilizes solar panels to power their operations, including two Sullair 75 HP compressors required for their fully automated packaging processes.

S-energy-40-100 Sullair

Solar-Powered Compressors for Sustainable Operations:

One of the distinguishing features of this greenhouse is its reliance on solar power for electrical supply.  While solar energy is eco-friendly, it can sometimes produce spikes in electricity supply that can pose challenges for variable speed drives (VSDs) that control the flow of compressed air provided by compressors.  To overcome this issue, the company opted for Sullair’s spiral valve compressors, known for their ability to withstand electrical current spikes.

This decision allowed them to ensure consistent and reliable compressed air supply during their automated packaging operations.

Comairco’s Turn-key Solution:

During the installation of the compressors, Comairco provided a comprehensive turn-key solution to the customer.  Not only did they supply the compressors, but they also took charge of finding a contractor to handle the compressed air piping and ventilation requirements for the compressors.  However, due to global supply chain challenges faced in recent years, the ordered compressors arrived slightly later than expected.  Comairco demonstrated its commitment to customer satisfaction by offering a rental compressor free of charge to mitigate any disruptions caused by the delay.

Van-Air Unit for Winter De-Icing:

In addition to the compressors, an innovative Van-Air portable unit was added to assist with de-icing the greenhouses during the winter season.  This versatile solution guarantees that the greenhouse remains fully functional and optimally productive even in colder weather conditions.

A Valuable Partnership with Comairco:

For this New England-based company, partnering with Comairco proved to be ideal.  Comairco’s turn-key projects allowed the business to focus on expanding its lettuce production without worrying about the intricacies of their new compressed air system.  The customer enjoyed the convenience of relying on Comairco’s expertise and comprehensive support, ensuring smooth operations and continued success in their innovative approach to lettuce cultivation.


The story of this cutting-edge lettuce production company showcases the possibilities of incorporating sustainable practices, such as solar energy, into manufacturing processes.  By utilizing solar-powered compressors and relying on Comairco’s turn-key solutions, this company has set a remarkable example for the agriculture industry.  Embracing innovation and environmental consciousness, they continue to thrive and contribute to a greener, more efficient future for food production.

2023-07-25 11_24_33-Little Leaf Farms (@littleleaffarms) • Photos et vidéos Instagram
2023-07-25 11_24_58-Little Leaf Farms (@littleleaffarms) • Photos et vidéos Instagram
2023-07-25 11_21_48-Our Story - Little Leaf Farms _ New Englands Best Lettuce
2023-07-25 11_22_31-Our Story - Little Leaf Farms _ New Englands Best Lettuce
2023-07-25 11_22_57-Our Story - Little Leaf Farms _ New Englands Best Lettuce
2023-07-25 11_23_48-Our Story - Little Leaf Farms _ New Englands Best Lettuce

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